Service-oriented submission:

I will use you to massage my hands or to paint my nails, what's the use of having a slave otherwise? Perhaps I will use you to wash my feet, to caress them and rub lotion on them, and to paint my toenails. I might also use you to massage my neck, my shoulders and my back. And maybe even more?

Pour my coffee, slave!

Hold my ashtray while you're on your knees. No, wait, open your mouth for me instead!

Tidy up after the session, what else are slaves for?

Or prepare the playroom before the session starts.

I could also use use you as my wardrobe assistant. You will maintain and/or repair my clothes and footwear, you will lace up my corsets and carry my bags. However, such a special task is only for my regular slaves.

When you belong to my stable of regular slaves, I might occasionally allow you to be my chauffeur. For this you will need the appropriate attire, including a fitting butt plug that you have to wear for the entire ride.

There are many more ways in which I can use you. We can always exchange ideas on this topic.

To me, regular slaves are those slaves (male and female, of course) who visit me regularly, which allows us to really get to know each other and to establish a deeper bond of trust.

  • gebruiks slaaf Mrs Kate House of SubMission  Den Haag
  • gebruiks slaaf Mrs Kate House of SubMission  Den Haag