I love latex, especially when it has been cleaned and polished until it shines. It fits snugly around the body like a tight glove, and can turn even a bland wallflower into an exciting, sexy person. Every movement becomes very noticeable when someone is wearing latex, and often becomes a pleasure to behold

A person can also look extremely bizarre and unrecognizable when wearing latex. A very different aspect, as you can see in the picture on this page.

You have to be very careful when putting on latex clothing, but as soon as you're wearing it, you can feel every touch even more intensely than usual. The skin becomes extremely sensitive and caresses become divine, although a spanking on a latex-clad bottom can become a delightful kind of hell. It all depends on what you enjoy, of course.

But either way, a body wrapped in latex is always a very sexy sight.


  • Latex Meesteres Kate House of SubMission Den Haag
  • Latex Meesteres Kate House of SubMission Den Haag